How update router WE826-16M for Sierra MC7700. Network Manager Interface WWAN?


Could you please help me to configure a WE826 modem 4G with the Sierra MC7700 ?

Finally I stopped the configuration with "GoldenOrb_2019-03-10" after several hours, due to unless if I mistaken a versatile connection to the antenna.

That the reason why I came back to ask help to the "Amazing OpenWRT Team". The material seems compatible, so that was a first good compatibility test.

How can I install the good package to update the WE826 router, for the Sierra MC7700 wireless card ? I guess it’s will necessary to use the SSH access, and is it possible to install a package manually. If yes, what are good packages ?

About the “Openwrt_18.06.4_we826-16M.bin” interface, the “WWAN” connection doesn’t look manageable with usual specifications : username, password, APN… for a 4G connection with SIM card. Is it possible to install a “guy” comparable to the "network manager" on Ubuntu Linux ?

With the goal to limit power supply current limitation problem, the router is plugged on an ATX 12V.

Since several months, I try to find the solution with first of all a sierra EM7455, which I guess today wasn't flashed, because the Sierra MC7700 is recognized by GoldenOrb.

I found a way to flash online with a live CD, but I would like to use a clean modem before with a stable WE826_Sierra_MC7700 configuration and an IP renewal.

I'm starting in router configuration, and you’re help is really welcome.

Kind regards


Hello again,

Finally I found a video where the OpenWRT interface allow the user to modify the 4G_WAN configuration : Youtube video with the interface for 4G_WAN

For the moment the basic configuration without update isn’t allowing 4G options with a general set up for APN, PIN, Protocal, Password… And with GoldenOrb the modem is connected to the antenna with an USB protocol without internet stream :
GoldenOrb configuration

"sfx2000" precised on an other post that it’s necessary to install with ssh “usb-utils
& minicom” upgrades.

Could you confirm that should create the new options on the interface ?

Please help me.