How to wipe out previous configurations at system upgrade

How can you upgrade with total loss of any previous installations and configurations?

To be more precise, how can you flash a router already running on an OpenWrt firmware with a new OpenWrt firmware and make sure that the flashing wipes out any previous installations and configurations?

The new firmware may be either:

  • a later version of downloaded sysupgrade bin file or
  • a custom image you might have created.

I can thinks of a two-step process:

  1. Follow one of the "factory reset" procedures in this Wiki:

  1. Apply the new OpenWrt firmware.

My question would be whether there is a one-step process (i.e. without step 1 above) that wipes out previous tweaking.

From the following Documentation, it would appear that the default result of flashing a new firmware (without taking specific care to either preserve or wipe out anything) is the preservation of some configurations:

(I intended to put this post only in "Installing and Using OpenWrt." Somehow it got tagged for "Nework and Wireless Configruation," and I don't know how to remove that. Sorry.)

Easiest is to just sysupgrade a new image with "keep settings" unselected in LuCI sysupgrade, or from command line with "sysupgrade -n" option.

No need for separate reset before.


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