How to Wake on lan?


My setup:

  1. FreeNAS (B360M Pro4 motherboard),
  2. router_2, OpenWrt, tp-link Archer c6 v2 EU,
  3. router_1, OpenWrt, Netgear r6220,, dhcp server.

1 --- lan, Ethernet attached --- 2 --- lan, Ethernet attached --- 3

both 2 and 3 have luci-app-wol installed.

Wol doesn't work.

My freenas is capable of waking up on lan cause I managed to wake it with this tool

With these settings it wakes up:image

I have tried many things before posting, thank you all in advance.

Which is the configuration you are using?

What do you mean by "configuration"?

my network configuration?
It is: router_1 connected with Ethernet cable in the same lan to router_2 and router_2 is connected with Ethernet cable in the same lan to freenas

I don't think i've understood your question though.

I have already read your comments here. i have used these commands

/usr/bin/etherwake -D -b "70:85:C2:8E:C4:2D"
/usr/bin/etherwake -D -i "br-lan" -b "70:85:C2:8E:C4:2D"
/usr/bin/etherwake -D -i br-lan -b 70:85:C2:8E:C4:2D

They don't work.

And just for fun i tried so many more but nothing

The page you posted has some options and an example, so I am asking which ones are you using.

Keep in mind that the default port of the wol is different of the tool you are using.

Try /usr/bin/etherwake -i br-lan 70:85:c2:8e:c4:2d

WOW, it was really an issue of capital letters in the command.

the command with the MAC address in lowercase worked!

/usr/bin/etherwake -i br-lan 70:85:c2:8e:c4:2d

I would like to report that luci-app-wol has a bug in it as it sends the command with the capital letters!

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Indeed etherwake needs MAC address in minor case. I use etherwake in scripts, never in GUI.
If you wish to issue a bug report you can do on this link. Not clear who the maintainer is, according openwrt website it says "common LuCI maintainers".

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