How to VPN Passthrough (Windscribe) on r6700v2?

Is there an easy guide for VPN Passthrough (Windscribe) on r6700v2?

Wasn't sure if this guide would work for me?

Can you define 'VPN Passthrough' in your context? Does it mean that a computer or router behind your OpenWrt R6700v2 is running a VPN and it isn't working properly? Or that the router itself would be running a VPN?

What is your use case (are you connecting to a commercial VPN provider)?

Hi. The VPN is on my computer, not the router.

I updated my post, I am trying to fix my slow internet speed, getting 40 mbps on a 200 mbps plan. Trying all the troubleshooting steps, which included allowing VPN passthrough on router/modem.

Is this your VPN's speed rating, or your ISP speed plan?

If you disable the VPN, what speeds do you get?

And what VPN protocol are you using on your computer?

The router (and modem) doesn't normally have any effect here. If it's working, it's good -- things are being passed through. Some older VPN protocols needed some firewall adjustements, but most of those are no longer necessary.