How to view Active clients on the LAN in OpenWrt?

Hello, I would like help if possible.

I used DD-WRT for a long time and recently switched to OpenWRT.
How can I activate this feature that I am using as an example of the DD-WRT printscreen (Staus -> LAN -> Active Clients) in OpenWRT?

@guilhermetb, welcome to the community!

Have you seen the main Overview page on the OpenWrt web GUI?

Hi. - TL-WR1043ND v1 - OpenWrt 19.07.3 - XX:XX:XX:XX:7E:86 - TL-WA850RE - Repeater tplink - XX-XX-XX-XX-1D-79

The first section is the ARP table. This is viewable on the Status->Routes page of OpenWrt. The ARP table has the MAC, IP, and interface of any local machine that has made a layer 3 interaction with the router. Viewing this on the main router will be a pretty complete list of everything on the network.


Thanks for the answer.
I would like information from only the hosts that are exchanging packets on the network at the moment and not the leases granted by dhcp.

That would be ARP. It doesn't care about hostnames or DHCP. It is the kernel's cache of the low-level handshake to find the MAC of a device with a certain IP.

Though stale entries (never resolved: 0:0 MAC or long unused) are supposed to expire out of the ARP table, it may take a very long time.


Sorry, I didn't get it right.

Is there any way to install a package through opkg that gets the information below in real time as in dd-wrt?

Host | Ip | Mac | Interface | Cont. | Proportion [4096]


Thank you all so much for your help, the tips were useful but not what I would like.
I will give an example of the feature that I miss in relation to DD-WRT, in it through the path "Status -> LAN"
What comes closest to this feature in OpenWRT is through the path "Status -> Realtime Graphs -> Traffic -> br-lan"
However in OpenWRT it does not show the ips and hosts that are using the network in real time.
Can I get this feature in OpenWRT?

File a feature request / issue here:

Press "CONNECTIONS" like @vgaetera noted.



Thanks for your feedback @lleachii , however, in CONNECTIONS there is a large amount of information from different connections from the same host.
I would like to see only 1 entry per ip, for example, and not several equal ips with different source and destination ports.

So you don't want to actually see connections?

I'll be honest, I don't understand. Perhaps others will read and be able to assist you.

I believe they are looking for a status page that shows a current (active) list of client machines that are transmitting on the network at any given time.. ARP is pretty static (as was noted) and Connections shows the socket-level connections rather than an overview.

I'm not sure why they'd want this, other than for a high-level snapshot view of network activity without having to dig thru the details?

If you want to make a feature request such as grouping connection by source or destination, there's a proper place:

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