How to verify https-dns-proxy is working?

I've installed https-dns-proxy-luci, which is running with the default settings.

But I'm unsure how to test it's working. What's the best way to test?


Assuming eth0 is your WAN port...

  • Install tcpdump (on the router)
  • Run 'tcpdump -n -i eth0 port 53' and watch for packets

You should only see the occasional requests for the IP addresses of google and cloudflare (coming from https-dns-proxy itself), but no other lookups (unless you aren't using dnsmasq for local resolution).

For me, running a DNS Leak test on the your connected device is quickest and simplest way to check if it is working.

You can try (use the "Extended Test") or

If https-dns-proxy is working, those test should only show a list of DNS servers configured in the LuCi. Since, this is default, it should show "Google" as your DNS server.

To check further, you can try changing the default configured (Google) to something else (like Cloudflare), and do another DNS leak test.

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