How to use "wget" in a very old firmware?

You see, I own a Fonera 2201, aka Fonera+, which I bought back in 2008 I think, and recently installed Open WRT 10.03.1 aka Backfire, which is from 2011. The thing is that my router does not support newer versions, I am tied to Backfire.

Now, I would like to download some files using the wget protocol, but I can't since all websites nowadays use the SSL thing, and the wget included in Busybox does not support that.

Solution: update wget, or get wget-nossl.

I tried everything: downloading several .ipk packages, send them to the router via SCP protocol, and then tried to install them manually, but to no avail. Architecture incompatibilities, missing dependencies, etc.

My Fonera+ has a MIPS32® 24Kc™ processor, for what is worth. I've read somewhere that ramips is technically MIPSLE(Little-endian) 24KEc, which is backward-compatible with 24Kc, but when I tried to install dependencies I had problems as well.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Thank you and regards!

You missed the obvious solution, upgrading (replacing) the hardware to something that does meet minimum system requirements for contemporary -security supported- OpenWrt. There are pretty decent devices meeting these up for a song on the various used markets - and even the first new/ delivered wifi6 devices start around 15-20 EUR/ USD.

Yes, but I like to recycle things and make the most of them. I also really enjoy tinkering. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some things are only up for recycling (with the big hammer), but not reusing in any way, shape or form - unless you need a doorstop or flower pot.

After all we are talking about a 4/16 ath25 device with 180 MHz. And Barrier Breaker really is beyond usable in 2024, it contains more actively exploited security issues than you can count with your hands, feet and those of your friends and family, it really mustn't be used anymore.

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I just need the device to inject the recent PS4 xploit, is not going to be online. Just need to download some files on it:

You can install x86/64 build in a virtual machine. Especially you can free disk space after one-time usage.

If you really want to use this old version of OpenWrt, just download the file on your Windows or Linux with the browser, and transfer to OpenWrt with scp

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