How To Use TFTP To Install OpenWrt on Linksys WHW01

Hi everyone! I am sorry to ask this but on the firmware page, the instructions don't state how to use TFTP to send the file over to the node.

Can someone please provide the steps from beginning to end on how to flash the snapshot firmware for the Linksys WHW01 please?

I tried to simply use the OEM GUI page and upload the file but it didn't work - even though the instructions don't say to do this. I hope I haven't bricked it.

Here is all what it says on the page:

The device has automatic recovery backed by a second set of partitions on the larger of the two SPI flash ICs. Both the primary and secondary must be flashed to prevent accidental rollback to “factory” after 3 failed boot attempts.

  1. Setup TFTP server with server IP set to
  2. Copy compiled …squashfs-factory.bin to nodes-jr.img in tftp root.
  3. Connect to console using pinout detailed in the serial console section.
  4. Power on device and press enter when prompted to drop into U-Boot.
  5. Flash first partition device via run flashimg.
  6. Once complete, reset device and allow to power up completely.
  7. Once comfortable with device upgrade reboot and drop back into U-Boot.
  8. Flash the second partition (recovery) via run flashimg2.

Following this is key. Do you have a ttl to usb adapter?

No, and this is exactly where I got stuck because I don't know what this means. I flashed my WHW03 using the GUI.. it sucks you can't do it with the WHW01 also. :frowning:

Thanks for the links!

Reading through them, I need to be careful about the voltage. I've looked through several sites and forums about the voltage on the WHW01 and can't find it. Would it be a safe thing to do and only buy the 3.3v adapter?

Like this one? -->

Apparently there are only snapshots available for this device. Have you read these instructions to install such snapshots ? They don't appear on the WHW01 page, but these are common informations for several devices.

EA6350v3, EA8300, MR8300 and WHW01 in order to run master snapshot since 1st jan 2023, and so any future release 23.xx.

My bad, this page states "This device will be much simpler to test, as no kernel or boot modifications are necessary."

I was able to flash from the OEM GUI one the WHW01. Did you figure this out already?

No. I gave up. Which file did you use? And you're sure it was the WHW01-01? The last part "-01" just means the number of devices. WHW01-03 is the (3) devices.

I created a guide for others to follow, you can follow it if you are on linksys GUI

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You can edit the wiki about this.

I could not find a way to edit the wiki, if you have the option to make changes then feel free to add the guide to wiki.

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I have some relunctance about editing a page for a device I have never used.

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Hm ... I will simply add a link to your guide :wink:

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