How to use SQLite with freeradius3?


Is it possible to use SQLite with freeradius3?
I don't see the package I should use:
"opkg list | grep freeradius3"

Any clue?


The pkg build doesn't compile with sql support for some reason
I guess problem with the dependencies

Thanks for reply!
Where should I open a request/bug for fixing that?
Perhaps here ?

So, was it fixed? I'm gonna use SQL by and while it has great integration with other software, I still need that package.

The FreeRADIUS MySQL and SQLite modules are not part of the standard OpenWrt system. They can be built yourself after modifying the makefile.

Also note that SQLite is completely different from MySQL. SQLite is accessed by making calls into a C library to access the database, which must be entirely stored on the local machine.

Looks like SQL support was added to freeradius3 here. So it'll be part of the next release.