How to use SNMP V3 on OpenWrt 19.07?

Hi everyone
I'm using OpenWrt 19.07 for my device and I have to run SNMP V3, but I don't know how to use that. for example how to set user name , password and set the encryption algorithms.
Waiting for your solutions.

Have you installed snmpd and looked at the config file at /etc/config/snmp?

Yes , I installed snmpd and checked that with snmp V2c and V1. I just don't know how config the snmp V3.

What about the V3 section?

(It has a example that is commented-out.)

Could you give me more information about this section?
I want set user name, password and encryption parameters.What is the way?

I would edit the dummy parameters to your settings and uncomment the line.

I honestly don't see more elaborate documentation, even from the creator of the's pretty self-explanatory. In fact, most manuals use the example line as the documentation for v3 itself.

Could you give me more information about snmp V3 example? I have the same problem!
Thank you so muash.