How to use old router as a WAP?

Hi all.
I've been using OpenWRT for years but I am a dummy when it comes to networking, so I'm hoping somebody can at least point me in the right direction.

I've been using this router happily for many years, but a) it's starting to show it's age, and b) we live in a house now and it's range isn't great (set up in our basement since that's where the server rack is).

So, I've decided to try a fun project (taken from this YT video) and try a new setup. This new router will stay in my basement, and I can put a WAP up on the first floor where it should a bit better range.

My question:
Since I don't have a standalone WAP right now, I was hoping to use my AC1200 as the access point, at least temporarily.
Ideally I'd like it to be unmanaged - just plug it in and the "main" router would be able to configure the Wireless networks. The AC1200 wouldn't even have a web GUI to log in to.

Is this possible?
If not, any tips where to look on how to best configure the AC1200 and "main" router for this?

You want a dumb ap setup. Follow this guide, but customize to your addresses and situation.

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This is perfect. Thanks so much!

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