How to use multiple ddns adresses with 1 ip?

I use ddns service + luci-app-ddns to point a http(s):// to my nextcloud vm and that works well. I'd like to do the same for my jellyfin vm (possibly for more machines I want to access from outside my lan in future), but I've no idea how to go about that / whether it's possible. So far no matter what I tried either outright doesn't work, or opens my nextcloud complaining about being tried to access from unauthorised hostname.

Would be absolutely ideal if I could just use my existing nextcloud vm ddns hostname (which already has letsencrypt certificate) just on different port, again no idea if this is possible or how to go about it.

Any suggestion welcome, thanks!

You can use as many ports as you wish, but you must include them in the URL, like "http://my".

Or you can use some http proxy on the router, and send requests to the appropriate server depending on the URL.

I mean yeah, I got as far as this in mentally exploring this, but how exactly do I set it up in openwrt, do I set up another ddns thing, or nat or what (I'm not really that technically oriented when it comes to networking), there's no guides I could find, just people saying it's possible or that they have it set up. Only guide I found is with haproxy on pfsense. That sounds like what you said about the proxy, but is there any guide anywhere?

Basically my isp gives me random ip and i want to go to my nextcloud, to go to my whatever, to go somewhere else etc.

You need to install tinyproxy or ngnix, then configure it as a reverse proxy, so each domain is forwarded to a different server. This is not specific to OpenWrt, there are tons of guides on the internet about this.

Then you configure all those domain names to point to your external IP address.


The gods have smiled upon me and after slogging through heaps of incomprehensible tutorials this one finally lists an example doing EXACTLY what I wanted.

Guess sometimes it pays to look past the 5th page of results :wink:

Thanks @eduperez for telling me what's what I wanted called. Had I heard term reverse proxy before not in million years it would occur to me it means hosting multiple sites from 1 ip amongst other things.


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