How to use Luci to set per port VLAN: TP-link WDR3600 21.02.3

Just flashed 21.02.3 without using old config. And reset to default once afterward.

Using the Luci interface, there seems missing to put each physical port into different vlan.

How can I set per port VLAN membership under 21.02.3 for this router using Luci?

Your WDR3600 is not a DSA based system, so you should have a switch page... that's where everything is configured for per-port VLAN assignments.

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Thank you very much!

I must have overlooked the Switch menu item.

I just flashed 21.02.2, 21.02.3 and 21.03-rc1, and the Switch menu are there for the wdr3600.

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