How to use LAN pins as GPIO, SKW92 board

I need to use some of my lan pin as GPIO on my skw92 board. how to do that please help.

LAN and GPIO are completely separated blocks on most SOC

you would have to disconnect many traces on the board to wire that to GPIO pinouts of the SOC

so the answer would be....a lot of soldering

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Thanks for your reply but I need the software part to declare those pin as gpio and control them.

actually it may be possible, but requires some registers to be set

the address of one of the registers is not in the document...

see page 29

dont know if the current drivers support the setting

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Thanks for the reply , But how to or where to set the register value ? please

Thank you for this, and especially for the the next post.

I was of the same opinion as you in the first post ("LAN and GPIO are completely separated blocks" ... -> "a lot of soldering")

But then your second post with the MT7628 datasheet made me dig a bit deeper, and e.g. the MT7621 can also do that for GE2 with RGMII2_MODE register, and you get GPIO #22+.

If that were available on more switch chips, that would be great for adding peripherals/sensors/serial_devices with much less effort. Most of my edge devices with switches built-in have both free LAN-ports, and attached sensors/serial_devices (usually via USB-HUBs with ttyUSBs).

most likely that info is in a separate document, something like

"MT7628 programming guide"

but i cannot find it