How to use an old router as a wifi repeater?

Hi, all!

I have an old router td-w8901n which isn't supported by OpenWRT, I would like to use it as a wifi repeater without a physical bridge, I did some research and stumbled upon this article...

I followed it, but it got me nowhere. the author simply connected to the wifi extender network then bridged it to the lan interface with a static ip.

After a bit of digging on OpenWRT site, I've found this relay configuration guide, but I wasn't sure if this could suite my purpose, but anyway I went and gave it a try, I installed relay package and did all the stuff but since I'm lacking basic networking knowledge, changing IPs and setting different netmasks between the two routers did really confused me.

Here's a screenshot of my old router lan section, I've tried to disable DHCP as explained in the guides but I really got no idea what I'm doing, I'm not sure if I need to fiddle with these settings.

If your device is not supported by OpenWrt, then you should follow guides relevant to your device. For example, unless you can install the "relayd" package in it, there is no point trying to follow a guide about "relayd".

Your post does not appear to be related to an officially released OpenWrt version, package or supported operation.

It is unlikely that you will receive useful input here. Please seek advise from the relevant maintainer.


Oh, my bad! I should've stated that my main router that I'm trying to extend its wifi range is supported by OpenWRT.

So the situation here, I have a W8980 running latest OpenWRT, I want to extend its wifi range with an old router that's not supported by OpenWRT. Is that possible?

Yes, just set it's LAN IP manually, disable DHCP, and use LAN port to connect with LAN of main router.

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That's good! so I need to disable DHCP on my old router 'wifi-extender' and set its LAN IP manually to a different subnet, something like

I should enter this same exact IP in 'Local IPv4 address' when configuring the relay bridge, right?

OP mentioned "without a physical bridge", I think that means no cable between both routers.


Yes, exactly. I wish to bridge them wirelessly, is this possible in my case?

I apologize if my original post is vague, I'm not a native speaker.

It all depends on the capabilities of the secondary router, not the main one. And since it does not run OpenWrt, none of the guides around here are relevant to you.

I would try to play with the menus on that device, and see if there is an option to act as a wireless client. This is a "must have" to make it work as a repeater, and unfortunately most devices sold as routers lack this functionality.

Or run some LAN cable from the main router to it and set it up as an access point rather than a repeater. That's what I do. I don't use repeater setups anyway because I always like to have the best signal possible so I use wired and multiple access points if there is a signal attenuation issue. I've spent years backpacking and see the results of the various mesh and "repeated" networks in the rented rooms of the world and you can have all of them and a peanut, but I will take a pass.

I think, no. I gave you COMMON INSTRUCTION FOR ALL ROUTERS. To achieve operation AS WIRELESS SERVER, AND WIRELESS CLIENT simultaneously, you need special firmware like OpenWRT.