How to use all the antennas in 2.4GHz?

Hi Guys. I would like your help to found how to use my Archer c60 just in 2.4Ghz. I mean, I want to know how to use all the antennas in 2.4GHz. For my use I do not need 5Ghz, because my walls are thick, so the signal do not pass it.
So, is it a way to do what i need?

Afaik it's not possible to reassign antennas like that. They are either already used by both frequencies or are wired to two different wifi radio chipsets.

I think the only way to tell if they are all used or what antennas are used by what frequency is to open the device and disconnect the antenna connectors from the board (they are using the little snap-on connectors like laptop wifi cards) and connect one at a a time


On top of that, antennas are tuned differently for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, mismatching them is a bad idea and results in poor performance at best, but may also incur hardware damage (by SWR feedback to the phy/ amp).


afaik for simpler dipole antennas (the classic omnidirectional straight stick) like in most consumer devices (both AP/routers and USB wifi dongles) you often get dual-frequency antennas, since 2.4Ghz is more or less half the 5Ghz so the same element can do double duty if it is long enough to catch 5Ghz too
Again for cost and space reasons all antennas can be used for both frequencies at the same time.

If your device has removable antennas it's easy to see, if you remove one antenna both wifi 2.4 and 5 Ghz lose power/range at the same time.
I have 2 USB dongles and a GL.inet mini router (the black ones) that work like that.

In consumer device dipole antennas the only real difference I've seen is for modem (3G/LTE) vs wifi antennas as those do have very different frequencies and you really can't swap them. (and 99% of sellers on the usual generic places like Amazon or ebay lie about their 3G/LTE antennas and sell you a wifi antenna, so you have to buy from reputable brands like mikrotik or dedicated wireless equipment seller websites)

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Thanks for the answers! I'm really appreciate this. Even falling in my ambition lol, this information improved a little my knowledge.

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