How to use adblock with DNS-Over-TLS support with Unbound


First of all, thank you for your patience.

I followed this
and did exactly.

Now I want to integrate adblock module with the above without breaking it.

Can someone advise me?


I'm running adblock+unbound on snapshot build without any errors.
Here is my adblock config:

config adblock 'global'
	option adb_enabled '1'
	option adb_dns 'unbound'
	option adb_fetchutil 'wget'
	option adb_trigger 'wan'

config adblock 'extra'
	option adb_forcesrt '0'
	option adb_debug '1'
	option adb_forcedns '1'
	option adb_dnsflush '1'
	option adb_maxqueue '8'
	option adb_triggerdelay '30'
	option adb_backup '0'
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Thank you!