How to upload your own platform software package

In this way I want to release our platform software on your web server. How to update our packages use to opkg install.

If I've understood your question properly and you're looking at how to package another application for OpenWRT, there are some good instructions at

thanks for you answer,My purpose is not to add modules to the openwrt source code. I want to send my branch
source code and ipk package to the openwrt support web,because of our use platform and version openwrt web not support . I want to create a new branch . my english not good . sorry.

You probably should ask your questions on the mailing list to get the attention of the devs.

In general: Any changes to OpenWrt are done via patches or pull requests.

yeah, our developer have ourself patch, but patch add is inconvenient so that our want to add ourself branch. I sent an email to the developer but I did not receive any reply. I don't know if it's a problem with the email I sent. What is the mailbox of the email you know or sent to the developer?