How to upgrade x86 OpenWrt?

For a year now, I building up a VMWare 7.x enviroment on a HPe Microserver with 4 SSD's.
I use Freenas as the under laying storage (run it virtual)
For now I run Domoticz and zigbee2mqtt with an USB Texas Instruments LAUNCHXL-CC1352P-2 in production.
Very stable setup!

I started this setup to make stable, allmost profesional and energy efficient home lab/server.
And if I need new server hardware, it is easy to migrate.

This week I started to implement OpenWrt x86 with a USB Netgear a6210 wireless adapter.
The first test It all seems te work more then great..I need to do some wireless stability tests.
I want to combine it with a virtual appliance Sophos XG that will be my first line of defence to the internet.

But I can't get Openwrt to work like a dump AP:

I like it to see others are also have fun with VMware to build there perfect setup.

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