How to upgrade OpenWrt without having to start from scratch

Hello everyone,
I have two identical NAS running OpenWrt with basically the same settings
Now I upgraded one from 19.x to 22.x and found that the backup does keep most settings, but that is useless since non of the packages are reinstalled.

Is there no way to automatically reinstall the packages? Or to sync installed packages between two NAS?

Problem is that my fileshare are no longer working as before under Windows and that it seems my certificates are gone (and I don't remember what I installed or how to even grt them).
I guess the certificates are part of the Windows fileshare issue.

I did use opkg list-installed but that was tidious and I might have still missed something or installed too much (which might also cause issues).

So, any ideas?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Take a look at the Attended Sysupgrade system

But keep in mind that from some versions, a complete reset is required because the settings are not compatible.

Also note that the upgrade from 19.07 > 22.03 is not supported (i.e. keeping settings between those versions).

  • luci-app-attendedsysupgrade in LuCI?
  • auc package from command line?

Wow, I didn't know that we had this awesome feature available :smiley:

I do my own builds since I need to increase FS size to accommodate all my packages since I run OpenWrt on few x86 machines, so I have one question; is it possible to do this when using attended sysupgrade?

Kind regards.

(You can make images with your desired packages here, btw.)

Tnx, but you misunderstood my question; can I make changes to the file system size (main partition size) when upgrading over attended sysupgrade (I need 1gb space)?

Likely not. The attended sysupgrade just composes the image from components, but does not change any deeper built-in settings (like the root filesystem size for memory cards)