How to upgrade kernel?

I have ZBT WE-826 Router with Sierra Wireless MC7354 mPCI-e Modem.

The router sees the modem and shows me the parameters of modem such as signal strength, SIM-card IMSI and phone #, but I don't have internet on router. Router does not get IP-address from Verizon.

I read somewhere that I have to use kernel 4.5 and above. I have 18.06.0 v with 4.14.54 kernel.

Do I need to upgrade kernel? If "Yes", how to do this?


4.14 is is more recent than 4.5

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I understood, that 4.14 is later version than 4.5. How to make work my Verizon SIM-card with this Router and MC7354?

You might want to adapt the topic to your now changed question, or create a new topic for your new question.

Thank you all for replies. I have solved my issue.

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