How to upgrade archer C20 V4 from OpenWrt version to new OpenWrt version?


I've serverals archer C20 V4 version with Openwrt-21.02.3
Now I want to upgrade to Openwrt-22.03.3.
My tftp server has ...c20-v4-squashfs-tftp-recovery.bin as tp_recovery.bin but c20 seems not to
download from tftp recovery ...
I'm tried reset button and wps button to enter in tftp recovery.

My question: Is it possible to upgrade with luci from one OpenWRT to other OpenWRT version or does this also brick the router as going from original Linkysys fw to OpenWRT version?

And what could be the problem that tftp boot does not download fw image?

You use the sysupgrade images directly in OpenWRT.

Might need to reset the settings in the process.

A firewall.

Sysupgrade from luci does work...
I don't know what was the problem, but now tftp instaltion works too...

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