How to update tmux and nnn

hello and thanks,

if i am posting in the wrong section please let me know.

i am finding that software installed by openwrt is out of date.
please, how can i update thesev very important packages.

another issue is that nano has been compiled like so,
can i download the source code and re-compiile/re-make
if so, please help with that as new to openwrt

root@OpenWrt:~# nano -V
 GNU nano, version 5.3
 Compiled options: --enable-tiny --disable-nls --disable-utf8

oh yeah, openwrt is great!

thanks much,

You should file issues against those packages:


the makefie is
i want to try to tweak the makefile and compile that makefile on my openwrt router

how can i compile that file on my openwrt router?


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