How to update the kernel to 6.8 related patch?

Hello, I'd like to ask for some advice. I've recently upgraded the kernel to version 6.8, and there are some aspects that I don't quite understand at the moment. I'm curious about how the patches in the target/linux/generic file are updated with Thank you very much for your help. Here is my link:

I have completed some operations now and successfully started the 6.8 kernel.

$ make target/linux/refresh will do that.

Going by your question though, you got lucky. How familiar are you with C and can you fix patches that break because of a newer upstream kernel?

Sure, x86 is easy enough to upgrade, but unless you have a compelling reason, 6.6 is plenty recent.


Thank you very much for your answer, I know very little about the kernel, not even much about C. Currently, I use the command you mentioned to update patches, but I don't synchronize the kernel to add new patches.

According to the new features of 6.8, the announcement states that there is a very big performance improvement for tcp, so I want to try to upgrade to 6.8 to test whether it is true.

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Wouldn't it be easier to do it on some vanilla Linux dist ?

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A few variables involved but, it might be easier to backport the patches to a x86 6.6.x build.

Currently, the library is the patch based on the 6.6 backport, which works well on virtual machines.