How to understand the differences between Experia/Arcadyan-models

Hi everyone, very beginning user of OpenWrt here. I have a leftover router laying around I would like to flash to OpenWrt, but I cannot determine whether this version will be compatible with the existing flashable firmware for the Arcadyan-routers on this website. Some information I can draw from the web interface of the router:


Producent: Arcadyan

Model Naam: ExperiaWIFI-5C6182
Firmware Versie: 1.00.19v2
Firmware Datum: Thu Aug 16 17:17:54 CST 2018
Boot Code Versie:
Hardware Versie: 01
LAN MAC adres: BC:30:D9:5C:61:82
2.4 Ghz Draadloos MAC adres: BC:30:D9:5C:61:85
5 Ghz Draadloos MAC adres: BC:30:D9:5C:61:87
Serie Nummer: J821732587
Systeem Actief: 01:42:47

Totaal aantal verbonden apparaten: 0
Verbonden op Ethernet

Ethernet 1: Down

Ethernet 2: 1 Gbps/full duplex
Totaal aantal verbonden apparaten: 0
5 Ghz AP

Status: Aan

SSID: VGV7519801AB8
Kanaal: 52
Beveiliging: WPA2PSK met AES
Aantal verbonden apparaten: 0

Would anyone know whether this model is compatible with for example Thanks in advance!

vgv7510kw22 would be the O2 Box 6431 previously distributed (now EOL) in Germany, a different device than yours. Your SSID suggests though, a look on the model label on the bottom of your device might provide clarity. There are no 'generic' images for devices like these, so you need a 100% match.