How to unblock reddit using openwrt

My isp blocking me from accessing reddit, how can i access reddit with openwrt?

With a VPN. Whether it's worth setting one up on the router as opposed to just using it on end devices depends on how many devices you use (or want to use) to access Reddit.


+1 to @krazeh's comments.

If the ISP is the entity blocking your access to reddit, there are two possible ways that this could be happening..

  • destination filtering where the reddit servers are actually on a blocklist. If that's the case, a VPN or proxy is the only way around that.
  • DNS where the dns records are intentionally blocked/invalid. Here, you can specify another public DNS server (assuming the ISP doesn't do DNS hijacking) and you should be able to get valid resolution and thus access. You might even move to DoH or DoT (secure DNS).

You can address either using OpenWrt, but OpenWrt is not strictly necessary as a method, either. However, there is nothing else that OpenWrt can do to solve your access beyond the two options discussed.

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…and before all of that:

  • complain to your ISP, after all they're not providing the service (internet access), let alone following net neutrality concepts
  • cancel your contract in favour of an alternative that doesn't play those games

Or maybe Reddit is banning your ISP’s IP space, or part of it, where you live. Reddit had made some crummy decisions lately, so it’s possible they’re the bad guy.

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