How to turn on wifi before installer?

Hi, so sorry for my bad english. I just wanna install openwrt for my wifi but this wifi fuction is off by default. If you want turn it on you must have a capble to connect the wifless but i dont have. So how to i can turn on wifi fuctions before install the firmware? thanks so much!

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  • Build an image containing a config file with WiFi turned on.
  • Connect to the serial port and enable WiFi

I askin' the same. I don't know how to make a script to turn on before install the firmware.

It's not a script; and I'm afraid the solution is more challenging for newer users.

Basically, the only way to turn on something in software - before you install that software, is to configure it as such. OpenWrt has WiFi off by default for security, so you will have to build a custom image, pre-loading it with a wifi-enabled /etc/config/wireless file.

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