How to trigger wifi reload from wifi.lua

On the Luci GUI, the current behaviour of Save&Apply of changes to the items in wifi.lua and wireless_modefreq.htm is to invoke a network restart. I would like to to change this behavior to invoke wifi restart directly from wifi.lua. I'm guessing this involves disabling the network restart and adding syntax to wifi.lua, possibly as an invocation line in the map's on_commit() instantiation.

There are probably more ways to do that, but you can do luci.util.exec("/sbin/wifi")

Thanks. I assume this goes in wifi.lua's wireless map's on_commit().
unchaining network and firewall seems to disable the network restart. I guess these chains are in case any network taboption items are changed, so I should remove the network taboption from wifi.lua. It's redudant, since there's a physical device assignment tab on the interfaces page.