"How to" transceivers?


I'm new in the fiber world so I have a question.

I'm thinking in migrating my ISP setup (a 600Mb line through a ONT+router) to a unified device.
Specifically a ZTE ZXHN F601 ( https://www.ycict.net/es/products/zte-zxhn-f601-ftth/ ) to a Mikrotik RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN ( https://mikrotik.com/product/RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN ).

But I'm wondering about the transceiver.
Since my ISP deliver me a single fiber cable, I'm not sure if this would work with both my ISP and the Mikrotik: https://elfcams.com/product/module-sfp-125g-monomode-lc-upc-tx1310nm-rx1550nm-2km-ddm

The more I research, the less confident I feel about.
I'm not even sure if I ignore there is more info I should be taking in consideration.

Thank you all.

The ONT has a built in transceiver. Generally you have to use an ONT provided by the ISP as part of the service; you can't buy your own.


He talks about replacing the ISP's ONT.

Sure, and if that's possible or not depends on the ISP in question, the exact technologies in use, the wave lengths, the plug type, multimode vs single mode, and a lot more. There is not one fibre/ ftth implementation, there are many different ones - the most common (gpon) requiring the ONT to authenticate itself to the ISP (and unless you get the access credentials from your ISP or can read them out of the existing hardware one way or another, you won't be able to replace it).

ISPs which 'just' need a media-converter/ transceiver exist as well, but they're rather rare on the consumer market.

Lots of details…

The simple answer is, you can't - unless really know better (and are willing to experiment quite a lot).


I thought that it could be enough just knowing the current ONT model (in the link I posted there is something about the wavelength, but I dont know if has to match perfectly with the transceiver or what...).

As far as I know, is the router wich authenticates with PPPoE (wich credentials I do know and use today within OpenWRT in my router).
But if the fiber also authenticates... I wouldn't know how to get those.
May I investigate how to enter the ZTE.

So... if I'm not lucky enough to get my ISP telling me the specifications... basically am I scrwed?
I am willing to experiment (I'm sysadmin and programmer, and I love it) but not by expending tons of money for that :sweat_smile:

Just in case, I'm in Spain.
I don't know if you where thinking in somewhere's ISP in particular.

Anyhow, thank you very much, :slightly_smiling_face:

The model plate on the ZTE ZXHN F601 FTTH ONT suggests GPON, in which case there's always some kind of authentication happening on the ONT level (way before PPPoE).

Disclaimer: I neither really speak french, nor spanish - and my latin is a bit rusty, but…

The ELCAM ESB3512-3LCD10 seems to be a plain (monomode) 1 GBit/s transceiver, not a GPON ONT, which you would need if you're currently using a ZTE ZXHN F601 FTTH (GPON-)ONT. Given that neither of your devices (ZTE and ELCAM) surpass 1 GBit/s throughput, there isn't much to be won from replacing the ZTE GPON ONT either.

Apart from the form factor, these are quite different devices - you would need to search for a compatible GPON ONT matching your ISP's requirements (wave-length and more), these exist in SFP form factors, but you then also need to get it authenticating with your ISP (as in, your ISP needs to let you register your new ONT or you need to read out the data from your existing ONT and clone that to the new one).

Great. So I'll try to deal with the ISP.

But I don't think it'll work. The "real" company behind the fiber's infraestructure of the is not the same as my ISP (they rent the lines, so the ONT was intalled by "A" but the router and my contract is with "B").

Again :sweat_smile: thank you so much.
If I'm lucky I'll use the specs my ISP provides me.

Best Regads.

I think you will get more info in Spanish forums. The info you need us very specific to each ISP, and the official info you will obtain from the ISP is probably zero.

For example, only a handful of GPONs work with Movistar, as they authenticate the ONT using the serial number, so you need one that can change serial numbers.

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