How to trace TCP/IP connection activity

I noticed an unusual amount of network activity via Windows Task Manager and looked at Realtime Connections under Realtime Graphs.

I found GBs transferred to IP/host below. The transferred amount was continually climbing while I was watching. I rebooted my router and about 15 seconds after reboot, it started transferring again. The local IP shown below is my work laptop, which I was on at the time. I had nothing running that should have been transferring anything.

Here's what I saw in Realtime Connections minus the transferred counts

I have a lot of other connections to the same domain with much smaller transfer stats, all from the same PC.

In the future is there a way to quickly determine what is happening when I see large transfers of data? Also, is there anyway to figure out just what I'm connected to?

  • The server is an Outlook Web site
  • The cert's subject CN is


First, thank you for the speedy response. Would you please share how you figured that out?


From your post above.

I then used a domain (e.g. mail).

By the way, the other IP's cert is ...but there's some odd HTTPS selection working - they may be behind a load balancer of some sort. This adcac hosts fails trying to reach

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Thanks for the help. This traffic is from my own company. At least that makes me feel better.

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iftop -i any
tcpdump -i any
openssl s_client -connect
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