How to test sbin/sysupgrade and sbin/firstboot on vAP

Hi I'm new user of openWRT, I'm trying to test how sysupgrade and firstboot works. Any pointers will help.. thanks

cat /sbin/firstboot and cat /sbin/sysupgrade ?

Yes, for sysupgrade we require "sysupgrade.bin" type image but in my case I do not find that .

if you don't use squashfs, this might help Sysupgrade help for x86_64 - #14 by frollic

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You do not on x86/64. You can feed the normal images to the sysupgrade command.

That's not true. What one should not do is switch between ext4 and SquashFS based images with sysupgrade if one would like to retain settings etc. I've been sysupgrading my APU2 ever since I got it.

you're very much correct, removed that part of the reply.

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