How to test if HTTP works on openWRT?

Cannot find curl or wget command. I don't know how to install curl. Is there any simple test program out there to test HTTP? I have already have WI-FI connected.

opkg update; opkg install curl wget
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netcat might work too, depending on what you're resting for.

Thanks, but how to install opkg?

opkg is preinstalled on all official OpenWrt builds.

What is the output of the following:

ubus call system board

ubus call system board
Failed to connect to ubus

@lgtechinc - is this the same device as was discussed in the thread that @frollic linked?

The reply is the same as last time you asked.

You do remember you asked, right ?

Yes, I have posted another topic before

What made you think anything had changed during those two weeks?

Again, your device is not supported here. Please ask the vendor of that device for help.

This topic will now be closed.

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