How to test a python script outside the target device?

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I'm working on a python script that runs in a Teltonika Gateway (TRB141). I'm able to run the script in the gateway and install any library needed from the opkg packages, but what I'm currently doing is editing my script in VSCode on my windows 10 computer, and then copying the script to the device and then runing it to see how it works. It's there a way to run a "virtual" device on my Windows computer, which runs an image of openwrt and then install all the opkg packages or a sort of "virtual enviroment" with opkg packages manager, so I can test my script without having the device arround?. I'm a bit new in this of software development, any help you can throug it's apreciated.

As long as your scripts don't need to touch the hardware or environment specfics,


Thanks for your reply, and sorry I ask you, but isn't to obvious to me, but what do you mean is that I can run an imagen in a virtual machine like VMWare?

qemu/ kvm, virtualbox, vmware, hyperv, whatever can do full system emulation/ virtualization.

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Thanks! have a nice night.

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