How to switch Mbed TLS back to wolfSSL or choose OpenSSL,x86-64?

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the 23.05.0 release:
Switch from wolfssl to mbedtls as default
OpenWrt has transitioned its default cryptographic library from wolfSSL to Mbed TLS. This shift brings several changes and implications:
Size Efficiency: Mbed TLS is considerably smaller, making it an optimal choice for systems where storage space is paramount.
LTS and ABI Stability: Mbed TLS consistently provides updates via its Long Term Support (LTS) branch, ensuring both security and a stable application binary interface (ABI). In contrast, wolfSSL does not offer an LTS release, and its stable ABI is limited to a specific set of functions.
TLS 1.3 Support: Users should be aware that Mbed TLS 2.28 no longer supports TLS 1.3.
While Mbed TLS is now the default, users who have specific needs or preferences can still manually switch back to wolfSSL or choose OpenSSL.。

now,but,i want to use wolfSSL or choose OpenSSL. what firles need to switch back。 thanks!

Just create your own build, and customize the packages.

Click on customize.
delete libustream-mbedtls and add libustream-wolfssl. Also add Luci, and any other packages you may need.

thakns,i modify it in include/

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