How to switch between VHT160 2x2 and VHT 80 4x4

I was searching for info for several days but couldn't find anything about how to set VHT mode.
I have AX3200 which does support HE160 and HE160-80plus80, and maybe i'm messing up stuff, but i how do i set HE channel mode and MIMO to 2x2 or 4x4 or how i even check which mode is being used at the moment? Basically i have my network at WiFi AX 160mhz, so HE160 in wireless config, but is there any option to specifically set or at least check channel mode

Running iw dev will show the operating frequency and bandwidth. Running iwinfo <device> assoclist will show the bandwidth and MIMO being used by each client.

The MIMO mode can't be configured. In 160 MHz it falls back to 2x2 since the MT7915 chip does not have enough DSP power for 4x4 at 160.


Oh, so, i was wrong about MIMO at the most basis, i though MIMO was parameter of router, but i guess it's parameter of connectivity between client and host. Thank you now i get it.
But another question, does that mean that if i set channel width to 160 mhz devices would automatically decide to use either 80+80 or whole 160 mhz band, or it needs to be set as option somewhere?