How to structure the release information in the wiki?

Hi guys,

I wanted to start adding some information about the release candidate to the wiki and wondered where to best put it.

To complement @richb-hanover's work on the release note drafts, I created a detailed changelog page at and like to move it to its final destination.

I think we should add a top level /releases hierarchy to the wiki where we can stuff release specific information, e.g.

  • /releases/start - List currently maintained and past releases
    • /releases/17.01/start - Landing page for the 17.01 release series
      • /releases/17.01/notes - The release notes for the 17.01.x series
      • /releases/17.01/changelog-17.01.0-rc1 - The changelog reboot->v17.01.0-rc1
      • /releases/17.01/changelog-17.01.0-rc2 - The changelog v17.01.0-rc1->v17.01.0-rc2
      • /releases/17.01/changelog-17.01.0 - The changelog v17.01.0-rc2->v17.01.0 final
      • ...

What do you think?

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Telepathy is working: Only shortly before your posting, I emailed richb the exact same thing.

I just created :releases:start, that links to the various releases we have created. I also edited :releases:17.01:start to be a little less bare-bones:

Thanks to @jow for polishing up the Release Notes and the detailed Changelog (both linked from the second URL above).

As always, feel free to edit and make 'em better!

I also updated to have a table that distinguishes between Release and Development builds.

Edit away!