How to specify several DOH resolvers

Hi everyone,

In DoH and DoT there's instruction at the end of the page with recommendation to specify several resolver to improve fault tolerance. I would like to know how I can do that and if by using the commands mentioned, shall I do all of them all over again or from which line I shall start repeating?

Configure DoH provider

while uci -q delete https-dns-proxy.@https-dns-proxy[0]; do :; done
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns="https-dns-proxy"
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.bootstrap_dns=","
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.resolver_url=""
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.listen_addr=""
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.listen_port="5053"
uci commit https-dns-proxy
/etc/init.d/https-dns-proxy restart

I am currently using ControlD as my DoH provider, but for some reason sometimes the Internet dropped and I want to add Cloudlare as a backup DoH.