How to specify multiple CIDRs for port forwarding rules


I'm attempting to follow this guide:

The first thing I'm stuck on is not being able to specify multiple CIDRs in the Luci interface when defining the SIP port forwarding rules.

The SIP inbound rules need to be restricted to the following CIDRs 

How would be the best way to implement this, ideally using the UI?

Can I specify multiple forwarding rules for the same port with different incoming IP restrictions if I can only specify one CIDR at a time?

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Is configuring option ipset available for redirect rules? If they are, I assume they filter the source ips?


All sorted and seems to be working as intended.

I used a combination of the OpenWRT wiki and this post to connect stuff together.

Everything is defined in the /etc/config/firewall as I didn't need anything else.


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