How to solve troubles with Linksys E7350 (like 39%)

Here is problems I encountered/solved with Linksys E7350.

  • The version of Stock Firmware.
    It is downgradable if it is or earlier, like 022.

If yours then you have to open up and connect serial(it is quite easy. E7350 should be the easiest router to open/connect with serial/close like nothing happened. Watch YouTube videos).

  • Downgrade to 015.
    The filename is "FW_E7350_V1.1.00.015_Prod_20210611_code.bin". Try Google/duckduckgo.

  • Flash 015 firmware twice(or more).
    Once flashed then you will see the version is 015. However, the WebUI's flashing function is somewhat partially. You'd better to flash 015 again even you witnessed 015 now.

  • Upgrading reached 39% then rebooted but still 015, not OpenWRT.
    Flash 015 twice (=from 032/022 to 015 then 015 to 015). Then flash OpenWRT firmware file.

  • Back to stock firmware.
    You can create one from 015.bin file which starts with "47 4f 4c 46". Remove first 32bytes (I believe) and make the first 4 byte "d0 0d fe ed". Then use mtd command.
    mtd -r write /tmp/filename_of_015_minus_32bytes firmware
    (The last option "firmware" means mtd3)(with my two E7350).

  • Rebooted then 015 now.
    ASgain it is better to flash twice. Flash 015.bin file using 015's WebUI then you can re-flash OpenWRT.

Hope this will help you!

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