How to skip the GRUB menu in an x86 virtual machine

I am writing a script to manage a network of QEMU virtual machines running different versions of OpenWrt. Well, at least that is the goal, but I am struggling to get started. :sunglasses:

I am using openwrt-18.06.4-x86-64-combined-ext4.img . The very first thing I get is the GRUB menu, which pauses for 5 seconds on start-up. I want to streamline the process, because I am constantly modifying the script and restarting everything.

Is there any way to skip the GRUB menu and start the default kernel immediately? Hopefully without having to rebuild OpenWrt.

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@rdiez, welcome to the community.

Just edit the countdown timer.

Thanks for your answer. I know how to do that on Linux, but how do I do that in the OpenWrt image I downloaded? Do I need to rebuild the image? Or may this can be done within the OpenWrt system, butn then, is the procedure the same? I mean, is there an "update-grub2" script like in Ubuntu?

Just plug your stick in a pc, mount partition 1 and edit grub config.... easy! You should be able to do this within openwrt but you'd have to mount the partition first / install a friendlier editor ( vim, joe, nano etc. )

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On a VM you would mount the virtual disk into the host OS. Or boot up OpenWrt, mount the sda1 boot partition to /mnt, and edit files. Ordinarily only sda2 the rootfs is mounted.

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Thanks for your answers. Editing GRUB configuration files is not enough, you then need to regenerate/update some binary data on disk from those configuration files with "sudo update-grub2" (on Ubuntu). That will probably not work if you mount an OpenWrt partition, because your operating system does not actually know how to handle a foreign GRUB on a foreign OpenWrt system.

openwrt != ubuntu
grub != grub2

OpenWrt does seem to use GRUB 2.

But today I finally learnt how to do this. There is a configuration setting (make menuconfig) called GRUB_TIMEOUT. The default is 5 seconds. Setting it to 0 skips the menu.


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