How to sit a pfsense box between HH5 modem and built in switch?

This is a criminally simple question, and shows my total lack of knowledge but please bear with....

Part 1: I think I want my WAN output from the modem on my HH5 to exit into my pfsense box, and my pfsense box to separately also plug into the bult switch on the HH5.

Part 2: For now I plan to use the HH5 Wireless access points, but ideally they will be depreciated in the future when I buy something more suitable and i will want to devote all the HH5's attention to modem duties.

What do I need to do to achieve Part 1 and sit psfsense between the modem and built switch, and have pfsense take over routing and all other duties. Presumably i need to disable a bridge across an interface somewhere too?


Ok so i'm actually stuggling understanding the terminology.

I think I want to bridge the modem to the WAN, WAN plugs into pfsense, then I have to work out how to connect to sky fibre with pfsense, not through OpenWRT?

Then disable any dhcp and firewall rules and anything else on everything?

I think....

Think i've got the idea now.

OpenWRT doesnt support a full bridge mode on the HH5a.

I should be looking to purchase one of the following:
Zyxel Vmg8324
Billion 8800NL
Draytek vigor 130
Huawei hg612

and set it up to bridge.

It should work to bridge the dsl0 interface directly to an Ethernet VLAN then let the pfsense handle pppoe. Then the LAN side goes back to what functions as a dumb AP. If you're really clever this can be done with VLANs on a single Ethernet cable, but use two cables at first.

  • Split the Ethernet ports into two VLANs with one port in a new one (eth0.2) and the other 3 in the other (eth0.1, the existing lan).
  • Remove existing wan and instead construct a bridge of proto none between dsl0 and eth0.2.
  • Configure lan side as a dumb AP.
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might help:


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Cheers guygs, i'll have another read over these threads you've linked and take in what has been said.

I won't lie i'm not totally sure what to do just yet :smiley:

I bought the hg612 because its was £17 and I thought I have nothing to lose trying, but it might be better if I separate them out anyway.