How to show advertisement on coovachilli splash page

I'm trying to edit the hotspotlogin page to display a banner ad (prior to logging in) and when clicked it will redirect user to the advertiser's website.

So, I guess I need to enable the IP or domain name of the advertiser under the UAM config. But what if I have hundreds of routers?

How can I add the advertisers' IP and domains remotely without having to change at each router's firmware?

This is not a question, specific t openwrt/LEDE. So you better try on a coova-chilli forum. Anyway, you simply can insert the banner onto the logon page, provided it is also configured to coova-chilli to be the UAM-page.
Remote management of hotspots using coova-chilli can be done using various methods. I.e. use a cron-job on router to retrieve the pars from server.
For more detailed info: I am doing these projects for a living.

Thank you reinerotto for help but unable to find coovachilli forum .i have configured it with radius server but couldnt find uam page.i dont know which pages to host online for login and where to put uam. i am new to openwrt,i tried successfully with dd-wrt but only basic functionality there. thank you

It's a catch 22, how are the clients supposed to see an internet hosted ad, when they're trying to connect to the web page, giving them internet access?

No, its not a "catch 22". There is a so called "walled garden" in good captive portals (i.e. coova-chilli), allowing access to certain domains without being logged in. First of all, the login-page, obviously.

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Hello reinerotto , how r u .i need your help bro .can you please guide me .i sent you message too.i am stuck at UAM secret value..thank you