How to share internet from virtual machine to host machine?

Dear OpenWrt community, please help me.
I have installed openWrt to VMware Workstation. To be clear, my host machine does not have internet connection, I don't have a router, I connect from provider directly to my PC and I do bridge to virtual machine OpenWrt, in there into WAN I do PPPoE connection and share internet to VMs via "Local Segment", but I need also to get internet access to my host computer from openWrt virtual machine. (Provider prohibit do several PPPoE connection simultaneously, it means one login one session, if i connect a new session it disconnect the first session, so because of it i cannot connect my host machine to internet). When I add other virtual adapter 'host only', 'NAT' I cannot share internet access to my host but it is pingable from both sides.

Please be kind to help me to get success with it thing and maybe someone will be need this too. I'll be appreciate it. Kind regards.

That is mostly a question for your hypervisor setup (as in vmware specific), not so much for OpenWrt itself.

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Yes, because in VirtualBox, this is a simple setup. You'd simply connect the OpenWrt's LAN interface to the host-only network: