How to setup remote web access? i want to access my OpenWrt from outside of my home

im a beginner in openwrt. i never use before any custom firmware. please help me for access remote web .i want to access my openwrt from outside of my home and please elaborate in easy way. dont use shortcut way. please

Classical method to me is ssh into the box and use tunneling to securely access LuCI.

Another option is to setup wireguard and access over that secure connection.


nothing understood anything. all goes over of the head :frowning:

It is not recommended to expose the OpenWrt web server to the internet because it is not security hardened. If you do decide to go this route, you should use a very strong password and consider other techniques to block unwanted attempts... for example, if you know that you will always be connecting from a specific IP address, you can make that the only IP that is allowed to connect. And/or you can use fail2ban or other methods to block potential brute-force attempts.

The VPN solution that @darksky recommended is the preferred option. I also like WireGuard as an easy to configure, performant, and robust VPN protocol, but you can also use other VPN options if you want.


i want to know the process. im very begineer. how can i setup the wireguard? after install wiregurad how can i active remote web access?

this should get you started:

If you don't have a basic understanding of services such as ssh or VPNs (eg wireguard) I highly recommend you do not expose your device to WAN facing until you do.