How to setup OpenWRT to use ISP box as default route and tailback to WLAN?


Sorry for my English :wink:

I normally use French Bouygues Télécom V6 box to access internet at home.

Since one monts, fiber link is down so I found OpenWRT and installed it on a Raspberry Pi3 b+

Bouygues gave me a 4G WiFi dongle.

So, it works fine (but slow, so slow ....) and I now use OpenWRT as DHCP, etc.

My question is :

Could somebody help me ton configure OpenWRT as default internet router. If fiber is ok, I would like OpenWRT to use the Bouygues box as gateway and if link is down, use the 4G dongle.

I read some documents on mwan3 but I don't understand how to set up ?

Thanks !

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If you already read the officials docs.
Try here, good start point for your needs. This example is well explained with real situation
Here ignore lte_route config ( this guy use static lte ip address ).


I’ll try this asap.