How to setup OpenVPN on second mini-router (MR3020)

Hi everyone, I'm completely newbie OpenWrt user. I want to set up an additional mini-router that connects to the world only via OpenVPN. The connection would look like this: client - (wifi) ---> mini-router-with-openvpn - (ethernet) ---> my-main-router (with other wifi and ethernet connected clients). My mini router is TP-Link-MR3020 connected by ethernet to my ISP router.
My settings: Interfaces ┬╗LAN I set Static IP to (my-main-router is, IPv4 netmask, IPv4 gateway and Use custom DNS servers to I set up and enabled Wireless and followed these instructions for setting up an openvpn connection:
In Status -> System Log I can see "Initialization Sequence Completed" but when I connect to MR3020 by Wifi and go world, my IP is the IP of the main router, not my VPN.
Perhaps the problem is very simple, but what am I doing wrong? What else should I set up to?

is this a V1 or V3?

Meanwhile, your issue is exactly the same (with the same possible solutions) as I discussed in this thread

This is V3.20. Thanks for the solution. in that topic you explained everything well. I changed the gateway and subnet mask manually and it works.

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