How to Setup ISP FWA with Data And Voice Vlan tagged Wan to work for Voip on Lan2

Hello, i have a new FWA Isp, wich assign 2 vlan on the wan, 83 for data, and 84 for voip.
i have created 2 vlan, so now i have wan.83 for internet, and wan.84 for voip, which i have unchecked use default gateway, or it would block conection.
Now, i have yealink W70B, which i used for voip with a private voip company, connected on lan2.
How can i connect my W70B to connect through wan84 to get better QoS, if it is possible?
Btw the connection is Ipoe, so i use dhcp to get ip from the vlan tagged on wan.
if need more details, feel free to ask.

Considering my W70B attached on lan2, and voip vlan is wan.84, i would like lan2, to use wan.84 as gateway, and also if possible, get dns from wan.84.
Thats more or like, what i want, that my voip dect use the dedicated voice vlan that my isp offer me, so all traffic on lan2 should get routed through wan.84, instead of wan.83.