How to Setup Captive portal on OpenWrt with Coova Chilli?

Hey, I'm a newbie to setting up captive portals.

My goal here is to set up a captive portal which would require a username and password to log in and then the user will be granted access to the internet.

I've installed Coova Chilli and edit the /etc/init.d/chilli and /etc/chilli/defaults but nothing happens neither is there any tunnel being created for the guest IP network.

I haven't made any changes in the /etc/init.d/chilli.

But I've made the following changes in /etc/chilli/defaults

HS_WANIF=eth0            # WAN Interface toward the Internet
HS_LANIF=wlan0             # Subscriber Interface for client devices
HS_NETWORK=        # HotSpot Network (must include HS_UAMLISTEN)
HS_NETMASK=   # HotSpot Network Netmask
HS_UAMLISTEN=      # HotSpot IP Address (on subscriber network)
HS_UAMPORT=3990            # HotSpot UAM Port (on subscriber network)
HS_UAMUIPORT=4990          # HotSpot UAM "UI" Port (on subscriber network, for embedded portal)

#OpenDNS Servers
#HotSpot settings for simple Captive Portal
HS_RADSECRET=xxxxx    # Set to be your RADIUS shared secret
HS_UAMSECRET=xxxxx     # Set to be your UAM secret

I think I'm missing something here!!!

I've installed freeradius3 too and its running but whenever I go to

Pls, guide.

Regularly, similar question shows up here on the forum. And regularly I give the following advice:
First, try to get a working coova-chilli installation on real linux, i.e. ubuntu.
And then port to openwrt, to avoid the openwrt"-specialities".
Setting up coova-chilli on real linux is complicated enough, but quite a few docs about it floating on the web.
Steep learning curve, anyway.
For commercial help, PM me.

On Ubuntu, we have to setup hostpad services etc...

On OpenWRT its completely different thing very few services.

No. The same, in principle. Usually, for openwrt+coova-chilli you will need backend server running freeradius, UAM etc. In case of using ubuntu, you can do this on same machine. Thats the only difference.

I've both of the services running!!

Bring your system to work on ubuntu, first.
Which will (also) need definition of UAMSERVER, for example.

I advice use wifidog captive portal more good. for cloud based managing your router central system use cloudwifizone. cova chill is complicated and very difficult to install. need high storage router space.

I even managed to run it on 4MB flash, 32MB RAM.

Chilli processes every user data packet in userspace which takes considerably more CPU than the various "dog" based packages which alter iptables to have the kernel distinguish allowed versus not allowed users.

If you are going to use chilli don't do what the OP here did. Configure through /etc/config/chilli not the old environment variable way.

Read down comment. Chili need more flash space.

Sorry, but I successfully implemented chilli on various openwrt device types. Even on 4/32 limited devices, where it is a bit "tricky". But never with the standard openwrt package approach (/etc/config/chilli deleted), but the old config files approach in /etc/chilli. First of all, because I never used openwrt fw, but simple iptables rules. Which are easier for me to handle. And second, because I sometimes also used "squid intercept/transparent" in combo with chilli. Which requires even more special adaption of the firewall rules. Easier with plain iptables.