How to setup 3 nics

I am new to LEDE. I setup a pc with 2 wired ethernet ports and 1 wireless port. Right out of the box I was able to setup the wireless as an access point and one ethernet nic connected to the internet. LEDE makes it very easy. I can also setup one ethernet nic to server local lan and connect it to the internet but not both. I am trying to have one ethernet and the wireless serve dhcp to the local network. Also have clients on both local ports communicate with each other and talk to the internet. Thanks for any suggestions.

Hey there.

If you're using the LuCI web interface, open section "Network / Interfaces". There you have two different interface, one for WAN and one for LAN.
Edit the LAN interface. Go to tab "Physical Settings", make sure to tick the checkbox "create a bridge" and select the physical LAN port you want to have your local network served as well as the wireless interface.


I THOUGHT I had done exactly as you suggested. So I wiped the system and started from scratch. Of course it worked seamlessly. Thanks I am sure I will have many more dumb question.

How to setup as access point. With DHCP off. As the main router is giving the address.