How to set up second router (VPN server) running OpenWrt connected to ISP router

Okay I understand now. I think I will just leave it for now since it is working. Knowing myself, a few months from now I will be bored and try to set up the static route so it 100% DONE. Hopefully I won't mess it up then.

I will considered this project done :slight_smile: since the Brasil vs England game is starting soon and I don't want to be messing with it then lol.

Last questions, when I update the openwrt router in the future, as long as I save all my settings then it should automatically carry over the current configuration, right?

If you keep your settings while upgrading then your settings are retained, no problem.

Have fun with the match, Netherlands was struggling yesterday against Scotland although they won 4 - 0.

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I really appreciate all the help @egc and @psherman gave me so this project could be completed. You guys rock!

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